What Is the Cause of Tonsil Stones?

Have you ever wondered what the basic cause for tonsil stones might be?

It is very surprising that more folks simply do not have any idea about what might be causing them to end up with tonsilloliths. It’s a pretty regular problem and generally not that big of a deal, but some oddball conditions can also pop up as a result – including post nasal drip and throat infections.

One problem that seems to coincide with tonsil stones quite often is strep. Though the reasons for this aren’t entirely clear, the additional bacteria housed in your mouth when you have tonsilloliths may very well contribute to the onset of infection.

But that doesn’t answer the basic question of: what is the cause of tonsil stones?

Turns out it isn’t real complicated.

Tonsilloliths turn up as a result of micorscopic food particles that get caught and collect on the tonsils. How do they get there? Well, lymph fluid moves throughout our body, helping to carry blood to our organs, waste out of our bodies, and much more.

Your tonsils are designed to act as a filter to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your bloodstream and wrecking havoc. The entire lymph system is designed to effecitively and efficiently move, and then remove waste from your body.

In the process of trying to remove waste from your mouth, your tonsils will often slowly “catch” small particles of waste as the lymph system attempts to carry it away.

The lymph system is very good at what it does, but it simply cannot get around the road block that is the tonsils. As a result, a buildup of particles accumulates slowly over time, and combined with the volatile sulfer compounds of the naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria that lives in all of our mouths, creates these little, whitish-yellow, gaseous balls of nastiness.

Now keep in mind that tonsil stones can happen to anyone, but it seems to be slightly more common in those who eat a high percentage of processed food. More research needs to be done on this, but it’s another example of healthy eating providing long-term benefits.

In the meantime, you still have those tonsilloliths to contend with!

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